Sleep Well making Strong Returns

Safe, secure investment to those who want to make a solid return on their money, completely passive, with fixed monthly returns. Our model has been perfected, I can show you in detail how we more than double monies invested annually which greatly reduces our investors risk. We do this by targeting houses with the largest buyer and tenant pool. We buy them at extreme discounts, effectively add value and sell for huge profits. These are easy deals, low capital required, and we are growing to 10 deals a month. We have a track record of over 275 deals in what is widely considered the most stable market and I can provide references from happy investors.

Average Deal:

50K purchase
20K profit
40K average profit in 3-4 months
We turn the money 3-4 times a year to make well over 100% return on monies invested

To summarize – very high profit, very low risk, very sustainable model


How we benefit investors – We work with investors who are a good fit, they are 100% comfortable and love getting solid monthly returns (8-12% fixed) on a safe, secure investment. Many benefit from diversification from the Stock Market and increased returns over other investment options. Investors put in a max of 20-25% of their assets, usually 100-250K. Most of our investors have increased their initial investment and refer friends and family. Long term mutual benefit, win win for everyone!

References provided – our investors are happy to share their experience with Fall Creek Fund.

Our commitment to our investors is to never lose their money, not a penny, ever. I am accessible, we are very transparent and always look to add value and create long term mutual benefit.

Recent Track Record Over 275 deals. Our model works. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Y0bQU-I-fgNYaJF_Yi1W9FEPV830KF1LJjjhI1qnvIw/edit?usp=sharing

Webinar Replay – Stocks vs Real Estate, Why Real Estate Always Wins. You can watch the replay anytime here. – https://joinnow.live/s/NUcqSU

Recent Projects:

4706 E 16th St
3/1 ranch with 2 car garage and nice fenced in back yard
Purchase 39.5K
Rehab 20K
Sold for 124K
Well over 50K profit after agent commissions and solt costs

Before and After Pics – quite a transformation, this was an easy cosmetic rehab similar to most of our projects. It’s amazing what some color contrast, paint and cosmetics can do.

4218 E 16th
Purchase 45K
Rehab 12K
Listed for 109.9K

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